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Healthier Washington Collaboration Portal (WA Portal)

We are continuing the Practice Transformation Support Hub Resource Portal (WA Portal) under a new name: the Healthier Washington Collaboration Portal (WA Portal). Although the formal name is different, our mission is the same: to provide resources in support of Washington State’s health and wellness community.

What is WA Portal?

It is a web-based platform that supports people and teams engaged in transforming our health and wellness system. The resources and collaborative spaces are used by a variety of partners, including physical and behavioral health providers, public health, Accountable Communities of Health, and community organizations.


WA Portal hosts trainings, materials, tools, and resources on transformation-related topics, including:

  • Population health
  • Physical and behavioral health integration
  • Practice transformation
  • Clinical-community linkages
  • Value-based payment

WA Portal also houses information on certain initiatives, including Accountable Community of Health projects, community health workers, palliative care in rural areas, and other ongoing work.

The My Portal function in WA Portal allows users to share tools and resources with their partners. Registered users have access to more virtual teamwork tools through My Portal Teams.

More information

WA Portal is managed through a partnership between the Washington State Department of Health and the University of Washington’s Department of Family Medicine Primary Care Innovations Lab.


Name: Laura Blaske, strategic engagement and planning director
Agency: Washington State Department of Health