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General Health Care Authority rulemaking

This page includes all of the current rule making activity for General Health Care Authority.

Standards for Community Health Clinics
Affected WAC: Chapter 182-20
Formally proposed
WSR 19-15-147
Description: The agency is repealing this chapter as it is no longer in use.
Agency contact:
Wendy Barcus, rule writer
Expedited Adoption (CR105) - WSR 19-11-069
Filed: 5/16/19
Permanent Adoption (CR103P) - WSR 19-15-147
Effective: 8/24/19
All Payor Claims Database
All Payor Claims Database
Affected WAC: Chapter 182-70
Formally proposed
WSR 20-08-059
Description: Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5741 (66th Legislature, 2019 Regular Session) amended sections of Chapter 43.371 RCW to transfer authority and oversight of the state All-Payer Health Care Claims Database from the Office of Financial Management to the Health Care Authority, effective January 1, 2020. To implement this transfer, the rules were recodified to Chapter 182-70, under WSR 19-24-090. The Health Care Authority is filing these rules to replace: • References to the Office of Financial Management with the Health Care Authority; and • Citations to sections of Chapter 82-75 WAC with sections of Chapter 182-70 WAC. The Health Care Authority has not made any material changes to these rules.
Agency contact:
Melinda Froud, rule writer
Expedited Adoption (CR105) - WSR 20-03-074
Filed: 1/10/2020
Permanent Adoption (CR103P) - WSR 20-08-059
Washington Rx Drug Pricing Program
Washington Prescription Drug Pricing Program
Affected WAC: Chapter 182-51
Pending formal proposal
WSR 20-03-078
Description: To implement the Washington Prescription Drug Price Transparency Program as required under Chapter 43.71C RCW.
Agency contact:
Jason Crabbe, rule writer
Preproposal (CR101) - WSR 20-03-078
Filed: 1/10/2020